Hi, this is us

Most would call us wedding photographers. A few might even refer to us as overly obsessive selfie-takers with our furry children. We like to think of ourselves as privileged witnesses between the union of two people becoming one, but it is beyond that. You will probably know us simply as Ruwan and Bernadise

We are two romantic souls, currently living our passion out in the beautiful Cape Town, Western Cape. Collectively we love taking pictures of the mountains, taking the dogs to the beach and chasing sunsets all around South-Africa. We are avid coffee drinkers, opportunity seeking and wine tasting engaged duo capturing real moments that captivate your heart.

Let us tell you why our career is the most magical and fulfilling job in the world.  We are absolutely passionate about love. For us it is a split second in capturing a moment, but the end results is a lifetime of memories which create the magic we are so passionate about. It is a moment of raw emotion, where you will be able to relive a special day and how absolutely amazing is it to have this ability to create this magic. We are the artisans who will capture the heartbeat of your wedding day and transform it into visual timestamps

We appreciate the trust and honour our clients put into or hands. Pure emotion, laughter and tears- we truly believe that the greatest pictures are taken the same way falling in love feels, naturally!

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